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Okie...Stop right there!

Terminology lesson:

Controls arms have 3 points of attachment to the car.

1) Outer ball joint
2) Inner ball joint
3) Control Arm bushing

So 2 arms have: 4 ball joints and 2 bushings.

Inner ball joints are not replacable and have to be replaced with the arms.

What kind of sound are you experiencing? Clicking noise when turning right or left?


Originally posted by Autotechnica


Actually the middle bushing and inner bushing of the control arm on the inside has to be change on the driver side. So I think removal of the control arm is necessary correct? Are all 3 bushings on the control arm $40 each? I'm getting a strange noise when I corner hard turning right only, and quite a bit of understeer, do you think it could be cased by the worn busings on the control arm?



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