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Originally Posted by bimmer325
The way I see it first come first serve...
GIve you an example: the guy told me he will buy my rims. and told me that he is 100% sure... 2 weeks later he call me, and told me that he change his mind.. I could sold the rims to someone else but I gave him my word that the rims is his.. now I still stuck with a set of rims....
Just because a buyer changes his mind, does not mean that it's his fault you still have your rims. The fact of the matter is that noone wants your rims and that is not the buyers fault, nor is it yours. If noone besides him wanted it then, noone else will want it now. So don't blaim your problems on a buyer's actions.

Originally Posted by Paul540/m3
He told you he wanted it 90% in the first phone conversation and then called and confirmed making arrangements to meet up with you and purchase the wheel. I would call that 100%. Even a phone call would have been a courteous gesture as you had a deal already on the table.
Personally, I thnk Jay is just plain stupid in the way he dealt with this deal. First of all, it would have been courteous to let Paul's brother know that there was another deal in progress, thats how I deal with all the people I sell to. If there was an arrangement to come see the wheel, you should have stuck to that. If your other buyer was that interested, he wouldn't have minded waiting a few hours. Imagine if you were the buyer and you said that you would go meet the seller, and then you get there and he's like awww sh*t, I sold it already, sorry I didn't call.

Any business professional will tell you about the importance of customer service and customer retention, both of which you failed with here. I'm not trying to take sides, but you definately did not deal with this properly.

Furthermore, if you were a smart businessman which I now can see that you are not, you would have entertained both offers, and most likely gotten more money out of the deal. If you were so infatuated with the thought and idea of having cash right away, having more cash should have been just as, if not more appealing. Too bad you screwed up.

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