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oh man ur such a baby!

ur brother wasnt even sure if he wanted the wheel!

he calls me said he is interested he will call me tommorow if he is comming down sunday to LOOK at the wheel at the end of the phone call he tells me he is 90% sure he wants this wheel

sorry bout your luck but this gentleman who came and picked up the wheel was 100% sure he wanted it, he came down right away and purchased it for the exact same price i was going to sell to paul's brother.

bottom line, pauls brother was not 100% of the transaction and this other person was, im not going to loose a definite sale over a mabey sale period.

and just so you know, i have been holding my M knob for almost 3 weeks for a guy on max and have turned down 4 or 5 guys offers while they were at my house to take it off my hands, when a deal was struck i am a man of my word, there was no deal here only interest period.
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