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Thumbs down Revshot Feedback = Unprofessional

Revshot (Jay I think) made arrangement s to sell a steering wheel to my brother and then went and sold it right from under him. After showing interest in the steering wheel my brother called revshot and made arrangements to meet on sunday in burlington. The very same night ( within a matter of hours) I recieved a PM saying that he had sold the wheel to someone else. This is extremely unprofessional and would not be tolerated in the real business world. I am not only disappointed but also appalled by these practices. If you make a deal with someone and make arrangements to meet and make a transaction then you should follow through with your word and not welch on the deal. Some may even call you a hypocrite for bitching and complaining about people wasting your time with lowball offers and then you go and waste other people's time and energy making arrangments and then backing out without so much as a phone call to the intended buyer.

I can't really do anything about this other than warn other members and share my experience when dealing with this member. Even if it makes one person think twice before dealing with him then my job here is done. We won't get into his previous misrepresentations (and I'm being kind here) on bimmerforums.
Thanks for taking the time to read this i hope the same does not happen to you.
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