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All back in stock now.
Brand new, unopened, in retail boxes.

Model 659 $110 Retails at $199 plus taxes.
Model 676 $140 Retails at $229 plus taxes.
Model 688 $160 Retails at $249 plus taxes.

The Harmony Remotes are the world's only remote with Smart State Technology Activity Control. Just press an Activity button such as "Watch TV" or "Watch a Movie", and the Harmony Remote will automatically set-up your entertainment system in seconds without you ever having to program a 'macro'. The Harmony Remote provides simple, intuitive control of even the most elaborate entertainment system for anyone in the family.

With the world's only Smart State Database of electronic devices, set-up is a snap. The community-driven database together with IR learning ensures support of all infrared-controlled devices made by any manufacturer, including TiVo, HDVCR, HDTV, Plasma Displays, Monitors, Projectors, Lighting Control, CD/DVD-R, PVR, Satellite Radios, Amplifiers, DVD Players, Receivers, Dual VCRs and even combination devices like DVD-VCR components.

With interactive media capabilities, you can select TV Shows, Movies or Music titles from the interactive display. You can even control devices like lights, fireplace and your personal computer!

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