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Sorry to reply to this so late!
the board was down for me for most of the day?

Originally Posted by DevilOnWheelz
I replied to that topic...

I will never ever come out to any of the maxbimmer meets again, since there is a picture posted there without the consent of the person who is in the picture... This is very immature and stupid of the person who did that, but I said what i had to say in that thread, I am also print screening and printing the thread as we speak.

in my defence:
the meet was earlier, elsewhere there was a bbq.
I didn't meet that girl there, never met her & i don't know her..
she walked into my picture I was taking of the angel eyes.

in maxbimmer's defence:
they had nothing to do with it.
im sorry you feel i'm immature & stupid.

Originally Posted by DevilOnWheelz
Update :

I have filed a case about this picture. Thank you very much to the author of that photograph. I hope this will teach you a lesson in photography and social conduct.
conduct; theres been more then one nude photo posted on maxbimmer
of some peoples "supposed" gf's, so im a little lost on that one.

click it

and how come no ones upset by this one..?
imagine if it got onto a some gay msg board!?

Originally Posted by DevilOnWheelz
Update :

I just got off the phone with microsoft, and MSN Groups... I have notified them of this issue as well.

If you have any doubts about my credibility, you can contact them at

I apologize for offending you (her bf?) her & whomever.
I did not intentionally set out ot take pics of her @ss (it just happened that way)
If i was i would've used the flash, but was after the car..
they saw me taking the pics too..

also i bet 90% of the members in this region don't know her!
there is no face to be recognized by...

this could;ve been handled more quietly by Pm?
but again i am sorry you and whoever have taken offence.
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