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Originally Posted by dtthiaga
It's just a 318. A nice car, but just a 318. I had a 97 318is with the M Sports Package (1.9L engine) a few years ago; it was a fun car, great handling, but no beast! The 318is do have some pull on the highway, but so do the B18a motors. I've owned an Integra at the same time as the 318is, so I can speak from experience. There was no way an 318is would leave the teg in the dust. My bro and I have driven both cars together on the highway. I still have the Integra. End of the day, the 318 just does not have the power. Still a nice car though.

From what experience can you make a "general" statement that a civic can't handle more than 130KM/h? You went in one beat up civic and you make a general silly statement like that? Come on, be realistic and knowledgeable here.

Back on topic, nice civic! Glad you didn't tint the windows. I've always liked that look. Keep up the good work!

I’ve got a few more things to do on the Integra, and it is time to mod the BMW just a bit.
agreed. sweet rims on the 318is. nice ride.

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