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Originally Posted by thinair
Well, with the amount of mods I have done, I can't see me going into another class. I think the only mods I didn't have that were on the list (that I can remember) were adjustable dampers, racing seats, r-comps, removal of rear seats, engine swap and forced induction.

Randy said it best, with the amount of mods I have I'm better off just showing up with a formula car....

I'm more then likely going to bring them out to the next even anyway. It'd save some wear on my street tires.
Well, you would be right up there with me in the same class then. I have a M50 motor swap and that puts me right into the big league class
Are you going to the SOLO School on sunday or to a different event.
Here in Ottawa I hardly ever get to compete against other BMWs. I will drive my RA-1 for sure, the forecast looks like nice and warm temperatures, good enough for me.


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