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on my 3rd 3-series ;-)
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Originally Posted by E36er
Alrighty Boys

This is my first photoshop. i want to be good at this so ANY tips you can give me, go right ahead. Im following the Photoshop Bible

here it is

OH and i want to learn how to get cool boraders and stuff like some ppls Sigs..and where to get the cool writing!?
Kool borders.. are custom u cant find them unless someone has .psd templates.. Its kinda simple. but i cant explain over the net.. PM for a full detailed tutorial. Takes about 2 mins.. nothign complicated

And Cool Writing. are fonts.. whatever.ttf download them from 1001 Fonts

Just extract the .zip to your C:\Windows\Fonts folder.. you should see a box pop up displayin the INSTALL progress of the font. Then load photochop up and there you go..
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