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Based on today's exchange rate, 1 USD = 1.23812 CAD 1 CAD = 0.807678 USD .

208.00 USD = 257.528 CAD

Amazon will usually throw in shipping if its above a certain value, especially if you call it in. Duty still won't put it to 300.

Just because Armani lists it at 245, doesn't mean every vendor will too. Why dont you post your bill of sale from when you purchased it.


"- mine is from the store, not some internet place and comes with all the original parts and amarni box and covers, yours maybe not that is why it is a tad less expensive"
--> I'm pretty sure is not "some internet place"

- mine is local pick up, if you want to compare mine, then go compare with local authentic armani venders or holt renfield and not some internet place please.
--> I believe its Holt "Renfrew". You should learn the stores and see their prices so you can learn the legitimate price of that watch.


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