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USD245 + exchange rate + shipping/handling + duty = will come to ~~360-370CDN.

- mine is brand new never used
- mine is from the store, not some internet place and comes with all the original parts and amarni box and covers, yours maybe not that is why it is a tad less expensive
- mine is local pick up, if you want to compare mine, then go compare with local authentic armani venders or holt renfield and not some internet place please.

i am not saying you are wrong and i am right or whatever, i just want to let people know that i am a honest seller/vender and this time i am in need of cash, anyhow for those who can get it cheaper than 300CDN then i am very happy for you and i am also happy for my buyer who paid me 300CDN because he knows that my watch comes with all the original packaging, and it is genuine and not some replica or A grade or B grade product.. simply because i showed him everything about it and i ain't cheating or lying. anyhow, byebye


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