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Originally Posted by GR8 Ride
Actually, that's not entirely true. 802.11 spec has different channels (some overlap) for different countries.

Just because something is "WiFi Certified", does not mean it will automatically work in each and every country that you might be travelling in. There are different regulatory bodies for different countries (Industry Canada for example, and the FCC in the U.S.).

In some countries, 2.4 GHz is a licensed band, and WiFi isn't allowed at all there.

$360 is a fair price for a unit imported, but you can buy a North American version cheaper. I can buy a Japanese PSP Value Pack for roughly $2000 HKD in Tsim Sha Tsui, plus each game goes for between 350 and 450 HKD. $360 CDN is a fair price for the unit in that sense.

But plenty of people are selling used / nearly new Sony PSPs that are North American (regiod coded for North American movies) for roughly $300; many for between $250 and $300.

Unfortunately, there is no advantage to the Japanese version over the U.S. version. And you lose the ability to play North American movies (should you ever want to) with the Japanese version.

I might be interested at $300, but that's close to what I'd be topping out at.

PSP uses 802.11b which is ONLY 2.4ghz, so if some country has a licenced 2.4ghz band Japanese or NA PSP will not be supported.

And yeah your are right I totaly forgot that europe has 2 more channels(12,13) so if you are in europe with your NA PSP and wireless router setup on any of those channels, PSP wont detect it.

NA PSP supports channels 1,6,11(the most popular channels around the world)

So it all comes down to what channels JPN PSP supports. If they are the same as NA, then Japanese PSP has no wi-fi advantage over NA PSP.

Anyone know what channels JPN PSP supports?
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