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Originally Posted by 405Style
Nothing wrong with ANY e30s, look classic and hot! but a e36 318i? give me a break! (unless its a ti, at least a ti doesn't look AS goofy with gray skirts.

I was just jokin' with the e30 comment, I was trying to get in on the "being cocky" about my car

I agree, I'm not a big fan of the grey skirts either and I wouldn't say its the greatest car, however, I also think there is nothing wrong with having pride in your car. My very first car was a 85 dodge lancer turbo, biggest peice of crap you have ever seen, but when I drove that thing, to me it was the greatest car in the world. then I upgraded to another car, and realized what crap the lancer was. Now I drive the e30 and have found true love but I am sure one day I will move on to another car, and that will become my new best friend...but there will always be something to remember about the previous cars, and thats what pride gets you...

Well that was a lot of rambling, and it probably didn't make any sense, so I will just quit while i'm ahead.

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