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Installed Amp/Sub, but I get no sound.

Today I installed a 2/1 Channel Alpine Amp, and a Alpine Sub (don't know the exact models off hand, but I can get them if required.)

The amp turns on, but I don't get anything from the sub. When the light comes on the Amp, what does it mean is working? Does it only mean my remote wire is on right, or does it mean my power cable/ground cable are on right too?

I'm just at a loss at how to trouble shoot this. I have a multi-meter if it helps , but I've never installed this kind of thing before.

Another problem could be my head unit; it's an Alpine 9811. I *think* I have everything set the way it should be, but I'm not 100%. SubW is set to on, and SubW level is 4 or so.

So how can I see if there is a signal comming from the Headunit to the Amp?

Thanks for the help,
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