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Originally Posted by WOT
Leave the RA-1's at home this Sunday. At spring temperatures, they need time to warm up to be competitive. More time than an autocross would offer. Also, R compounds will add to your PAX points and might bump you up into another time handicap value.
Judging by Netson's sig and current mods his R-Comps will most likely be allowed in his class without penalty. In fact the PAX would take R-Comps into account if he ends on in a class they are allowed. As such it might be to his disadvantage NOT to bring them. However, I wouldn't run the RA-1s below 10-12 degrees for an autocross and that is only if it is sunny like today the "track" temperature should be sufficient. However the RA-1 require more heat than say a Kumho Victoracer or Hoosier autocross specific A3S05.

Bring them, try them and see.

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