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Nelson... I say you bring your full arsenal. Try the T1's for three runs.. and then the RA1's for the last two. It would be interesting to find out what works. I can help you switch them quickly between heats.


P.S. In the third instant, I have a suggestion. Run the R compounds on one side of the car and T1's on the other side. Use you G-Tech to measure the maximum G-force achieved. Half way through the lap we can have a pit stop set up with hydraulics and the remaining two tires of each remaining set. After a data analysis meeting, a decision will be made by the pit 'crew' committee and the side achieving less adhesion will be replaced. We can do this for all five runs.... to ensure you're getting the most outta your tires. I nominate myself to be the head of the pit crew committee (thus ensuring every remaining competitor has a chance to catch up... ...LOL ).

See you on sunday!
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