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Tony made some really good points. you really have to decide what type of music you'll be listening to most often. that should dictate what type of equipment best suits you. if you listen to classical music and your cramed for space, then ya, Bose is ok. but you can spend the same amount of $ and get yourself a customized system and get better sound for you $.

bose spends a ton of money on r&d so they can make their tiny speakers "appear" to fill the room. but if you take an "RTA" (Real Time Analyzer) scan you'll notice that speakers of the same value will create a much better sound wave.

best advice is to shop around shops like Kromer Radio, Bay Bloor, and stay away from stores like "Futureshop" where they don't know audio at all... after audioning different equipment, then you will realize and appreciate the mid-highend stereo equipment out there.....
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