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Originally Posted by M_powered
i should take out the most weight of the car right ?
rear seat my system etc for weight reasons right ?
You can do that if you're concerned about 1/10th seconds. For the first time out, just clean up the clutter in your car (change, papers, etc.. on console/dash), make sure your floormats come out, and double check there's nothing under drivers seat (which should be moved into a more upright position - NO LOUNGING). More importantly have more than 1/2 tank of gas, a tire pressure guage (easily borrowed), patience and willingness to ask other veterans questions/opinions. See you in 2 weeks!

Originally Posted by paulmon
Randy, any idea if the MINIs will still be classed as MINIs? I'd prefer the typical solo2 classing where brand isn't a factor. Coming 3rd place overall the last 2 years in a row is made more difficult if people don't show in your class. When that class has to be one brand it is even harder.

Not sure Paul. I'll try and answer that closer to the event when I get more specifc information.
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