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check it out HQ sound, upgradeable simple plug and play type components ie now at 6.1 can remove that unit and get a 7.1 for example. Just like a PC if you upgrade.

Otherwise sound Harmon Kardon rocks DC powered exceptionally clean, however not as reliable as the Denon or Yamaha units, this is where Marantz is better than HK but sounds very similar, ck the HK at Number 1 sound, they are hooked up to Axiom speakers these will blow you away once you find out how much they are ask for George.

Feature wise I like Denon, then Yamaha. I have both DEnon 3300 and Yahmaha RX-V1. I am quite satisfied with these amps, I wish I had the new Denon 5800 droool.

Best is what you like in features and most important sound. And if it dictates Budget.

HK and Marantz is direct, Yamaha is bright, Denon is warm in sound. And Krell well its just well...amazing.

Good luck
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