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I'll agree with Rob on that one...

I will agree with you on that one Rob.

I've bought several parts and just had John / Steve install them for me, as I found I could get better pricing on my own.

As to the price of my cage, it's completely custom, and designed specifically for my car. As a competitive example, Frank's cage was $10,000 US, and that was unpainted. So, do I feel taken by the cage; absolutely not. Was it the price I was expecting to pay, no, but it is worth it.

It's something else to drive a car that is fully race prepped; a LOT less weight, and boy, can it corner now...

As it stands, I haven't found anyone who puts in the level of dedication into my car that John and Steve have, and I doubt I'd get that level of support from nearly any other dealers in the area.

I live close to Beach Auto, but without knowing anybody there, I can't see myself changing vendors.

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