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Yamaha, and Denon are the only two there that I would consider
from that list, and it reflects that those two manufacture HT Integrated units that are the most expensive.
From my auditions from these units, I mostly found that Yamaha amps tend to sound 'brighter', which on average tends to favour hard music such as rock and dance, and HT.
Denon tends to be a softer sounding amps, which tends to favor 'softer' sounding music, which tends to be more 'accurate to the natural sounds that we hear. All depends on how you like your music and your HT to sound.
Having said all that, both these units can be dialed to the softer & harder side by pairing them up with speakers, which also have there own caracteristics. There's no hard fast rule.
Do your best to listen to all the amps that are in your price range.

Both Denon and Yamaha also make lower priced amps, which are comparable to Technics. Stay away from Technics, and the lower priced amps from the other makes. Comparably priced Yamaha's sound much better than say a Technics in the same price range.
(I've owned both, and still have a Yamaha DSP 3090 relegated to backup HT duties).
Difference between the two was glaring!

(Can you tell HT is another one of my hobbies?)
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