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mkgino and e46_lover, IM still seeing if I can find the link for you.

You might want to experiment on the US spec lights first before you sell a product like this.....

Keep in mind the Euro ellipsoids have glass bezels from which the ring fits wedges in a little crevice and remains in its place b/c of it. You would have to glue the Angel eyes to the US spec lights which might not be that good because the heat from the lens would melt the halo altogether..... also..what if you have to replace a bulb in the future? how would you get the glue off.

Also, where would you tap the wire into? The euro ellipsoids have a city light that you can tap into...US spec dont.....I suppose you could tap into the parking lights but you should really experiment on yours first before you start selling something.

Just some heads up!
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