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Originally Posted by MP328
well driving home this morning from charlie my radio just died. well not the radio just the sound died after a hump on the road. so im guessing it's the stock amp finally that gave out.

so i have to fix that now, and the blown rear speakers as well. whats a good place to take the car too. i used to always go to this one guy with a small shop but i think he does too many civics and such. so i dont want him to start ripping everything apart in the back without knowing what he's doing.

so whats a good place to get this done?? anyone??
If its stock the system u want to fix then i recommend Digi Controls

they do a lot of work for dealerships and cars that are having electrical problems and such.

For a pro system I recommend 20Hz in toronto .. they are the best and they treat you good too.

Dont go to any place in brampton .. they all do low quality jobs like "out of sight" and "peel audio"
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