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Feeler: Tyan S2510 Dual CPU Mobo and Intel P3 866MHz CPU

This is just a Feeler, not for sale at this point. I may be getting the motherboard and CPU, which I have no use for at this time.

Tyan Thunder LE Server Motherboard (S2510):
-Dual Intel P3 CPU Support, Socket 370
-Up to 4GB Ram (ECC), angled at 25 to fit in a 1 U chassis
-Integrated Graphics
-Integrated DUAL 10/100 Lan
-Two 64bit PCI


Intel P3 Processor 866MHz
Socket 370
Only 1 processor

I know that there are some people on this forum that might need/require something of this sort.

My home is located in Caledon (Near Brampton), but right now Im away at university in Kingston.
Shipping is not a problem.
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