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Originally posted by M50E30

A) The new BMW's are pure RICE! Friggin' crap! They are worse than Hondas for Christ sake! At least Hondas don't break down. They (new BMW's) are built for leasing (a concept that they are taking from North American car manufactures)...which means 5 year life span! Look at Rolled_Out's M3 and Bimmer745i's 7. Prime examples.

B) Personal obviously haven't noticed my car! Its a 4-door too! Does it make it ugly? I'm not to keen on the white WRX's body kit but the blue one shure isn't hard to look at.

And for the on topic discussion...the new Evo's front end looks like Honda Accord! Gimmie an old Evo or a new WRX any day (over these "new" ugly BMW's).

That was a little harsh wasn't it? There are lots of BMW M3 owners on this board and I'm sure that wasn't very nice. I don't think all the new BMW's are crap. However, I know they are not as good as they use to be. But you must admit their engine's are very technologically advanced, possibly even too advanced for their own good.

I agree that older BMW's look much better and they have a stiffer chassis and more reliable engine. But nothing beats new technology performance wise.

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