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Well, this is a little tough, since I'm pretty good buddies with both John and Steve.

However, my $3500 roll cage from John did come in at $8500 all things in (taxes as well...).

Now, I did have some custom body work done, and this also included the complete stripping of my interior, A/C, cruise-control etc, etc, etc.

Had I known right up front that it was $8500, I probably would have swapped out the suspension and brakes instead of building the cage. All things considered though, I'm happy with it.

John does do premium work, but I do wish he would examine a few more options, rather than just sticking to one technology / product, and endorsing that one only. He wants to just recommend actual, tested products, but the truth remains that multiple products exist on the marketplace for each aspect of performance.

One of the pricing issues that John and I have run into lately is the debate over a 3.2L powerplant for my 325. He wants $12,000 CDN (just the plant, not install); I seem to find plenty of them online for around $4500 US. Heck, I can buy one from Bavarian Engine Exchange for $5700 US brand new....

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