Thread: My e28 is down.
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My e28 is down.

Yesterday I replaced my leaking hydraulic booster on my 87 535i, with a used unit. I took the car for a test run to make sure all was ok, no leaks and every thing looked good. Later on in the evening, heading out for a couple of beers, I get on the QEW, take an exit on Park Lawn N , I go to down shift, nothing, I lost all of the gear selection. I managed to get over the left side, right were you take an West bound exit, so I was not in the middle of the road. I stopped and go to depress the clutch pedal, gone, no pressure nothing.
I towed the car home, no choice. I looked at the clutch pedal to see what happened, it looks like the clevis bolt that is attached to the master cylinder just broke off. The main thing that worries me is the shift lever. Hopefully it's nothing major, and something that I can fix. I will have a closer look at it tomorrow, in that case any suggestions as to what to look for are most appreciated. Thanks
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