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Originally Posted by highspeed
well my 95 520i for the last 10 months is sending me bust please all started early last year a noise coming from the air con. pully with poor performance with the air con. on, i have since found out that the chattering coming from the air con area is causing the knock sensers to retard the timing with the air con on , when the air con is off the car goes A1, now ive had the car to two top line dealers with the following parts replaced at great expense 1st a reco comressor then the idle control valve then the idler pully then the automatic belt tensioner ,today i took the car back and got a brand new A$1300 compressor fitted with no change to the car, the noise coming from this area is getting louder yet my BMW dealers seem to be only guesing , please has anyone else experienced this problem ...HELP me fellow bimmer lovers

Many years ago I had a similar problem with another brand of car (which I won't mention) and we later found out it was the ecu that was defective.

You might also want to see if the a/c is fully charged. My problems started with low freon and the clutch for the a/c engaging intermittently when a/c was on.

Later on the car's poor preformance was attributed to damage to the ecu. Don't know if the two were ever related but thats my experience.

BTW I ended up selling the fkn car.

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