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I threw out the crappy harness and did it the regular (LONG) way.

1. Tapped right rear and left speaker wires with 4 vampire taps (again) to a high-low converter becuase old taps were shredding the wires.
2. Vampire tapped white trigger wire.
3. Ground wire to the stock amp mounting bolts. (+ from trunk battery)
4. Powered up stock deck and hooked up the RCAs to a db meter to verify seperate left/right output and gain on high-low converter.
5. Hooked up amp and adjusted gain using my bass test CD from 360 - 10 cycles.
6. Drive around the block with windows down and laugh at the car alarms going off.

Hope this helps anyone that is going to install an amp. I will not attempt anymore audio installations EVER! What I thought was going to take only an hour with my buddy *WESTSIDE* , took 3 weekends. Now I have to find something to stop my licence plate rattle.
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