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Like RANDY said... Raven and Bavarian are okay as install/labour shops since their labour rate is in line with the going rate of about $70/hour.

On the parts side I would avoid them. John has done quite a bit of work on my car but I have always supplied the parts. For instance I was quoted $450-475 for a 25mm master cylinder (upgraded oversized part), but I was able to find one on-line for $216! (and that's landed cost in my hands all taxes paid!)

So as long as you're getting labour from them you should be fine. For parts, I would shop around.

Just my $0.02 (even though they work on my car almost exclusively).

PS - Randy, has Dave stopped working on cars? I wanted to switch to his guy said he'd send me to some install shop.

/// M3NTAL Kev

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