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Originally Posted by Slowered318
that's pretty nice.. where can i get one?
Actually, I dont think one has ever been installed in an E30.

You'd be a pioneer.

I actually got the amber model:

It's easier to read, cheaper than the BMW specific model, has sub-out, and is more compatible with aftermarket accessories.

There is also a red model that crutchfield may soon have in stock (

Check out this site for info:

There are A LIMITED QUANTITY of out of production BMW US Traffic Pro units (model 4771) still available with new navigation map cds. Email or call Tony at Becker 1-888-423-3537 ext 1224 $499 for unit (add $100 for new software)+ $55 for BMW US adapter cable. This is just leftover stock this item never sold to the public.

You'd also need the wiring harness adapter from:

Many thanks to Ezmerelda ( and Rachel ( for showing me what this baby can REALLY do.
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