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"AMG e55 with 476hp meets Audis Rs6 with 450hp and the bmw's M5 with 400hp.

the 360m slalom is not for the e55, after 200m the powersteering starts giving up and without stabilty cotnrol it's har for experienced driver to cotnrol the car. the sprint on the other hand shows the e55 at it's best..... 0-100km/h in 4.8 sec. 200 km/h after 14.8 sec. top speed 255 km/h governed. brake test 100-0 in 38m

the rs6 is the best in the slalom becasufe of the all wheel drive. it's even easy to control when the stabilty control is turned off. in the sprint the rs6 is off by the OEM numbers 0-100km/h in 5.5sec . 200km/h in 12 more sec (17.5sec) . top speed 255km/h governed. brake test 100-0 in 37m

on the slalom course the bmw feels good too. always easy to control with ot without stabilty control..... the sprint 0-100km/h the bmw needs 5.3sec with an experienced driver and DSC off. the DSC is taking too much power from the engine. brake test 100-0 in 39m

(skipping the details of the cars. and continue on the track.)

the e55 is on it's limit on the track. the ESP (stability control) is working overtime. without it even an experienced driver has problem going around the track.

the rs6 is like on rail tracks. it's almost immposible to bring it out of shape. thanks to its so called IRC (or something) it has very little body roll.

the bmw also has a setup for the race happy driver. especially the good setup shifter is a lot of fun to play with. a bit understeer when going in and a bit oversteering out of the corners only if the DSC is turned off.

(when the cars are behind each other)

the bmw is an old school race car. (saugmotor dont know what it is in english, whatever sort of engine it is) ..... engine, manual shifter and the chasis(fahrwerk if chasis is not the word) are always fun to drive with or without the electronic help (DSC).

the rs6 has the best brakes, good chasis, steering and good traction, but can not keep up with the other ones.

the e55's engine is the best on the whole car. it's the high speed limousine. but the electronic help is needed really bad. and it's not meant for the race track. "

that's going from the beginning of the movie i just hope some didn't translate it now while i'm still typing it
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