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Same thing happened to me with the Eurolites. I had them in both low beam... 3 days after i put them in the left one blew.... more like exploded! Little pieces of blue glass all inside the housing. I had them replaced.... 2 days later, same thing... then the day after on the right side! Pissed me right off! Both headlight housing were replaced because of these stupid bulbs. They were all fogged up as the bulbs left a powdery residue when they burst.

Originally posted by djcontra
i will never buy eurolites ever again!
i bought a set for my turn singals and they burnt the top so that they looked pink on top and blue on the bottom. I thought it was a bad set so the guy let me try another set and it happened again. I see this happened to other cars as well, they're just not able to handle the heat of running lights.
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