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Re: Contains swearing!

Originally posted by pasta325i
Here is the e-mail I just sent them!

Name: Marco
E-mail: tom&
Subject: Attn: Tom & Ray ("ultimate gay cars" list)


Who the fu*k do you guys think you are?

After reading an article in the Toronto Star today I noticed that a little part of it mentioned the top cars voted by people from your site ( I also noticed a section called "The Ultimate Gay Cars". After reading the cars in that list I was very unhappy and angry over the cars in it, especially the BMW 3 series.

I own a BMW 3 series car and there is no way in fu*king hell that that car is a car for gay couples, like you two. It sure looks like Tom & Ray are the gay guys that created this section, not the "users that e-mailed us". What kind of car do you guys drive? VW Beetle? Probably. What colour is it? Pink? YAAA! What do you know about cars in the first place? Ya you, what do you actually know about cars.

P.S. As for the list on the "Ultimate Guy Cars", who the hell would want a Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, F150 truck piece of shit over a BMW M3, M5, or Z series that would kill any of those cars. The only car that actually deserves to be up there is the Viper. And where are the Ferrari's?

P.S.S. Do not write back because I don't want to hear the useless information that you guys expose.

Thank You,
(to all the BMW boys, you know who you are!)

AHHHHH word to yo motha biatch!!!!!
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