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Originally Posted by Axxe
Is the blue M5 always parked in lot N yours? I drive the salty E30 that does lots o donuts. I figured that sweet M was someone here.
Yup, that's it! Wow, small world! There's also a yellow E36 M3 that's a regular, that I keep wondering about, I wonder if it's anyone here...

RE: train set, that's what we have to track and control in real time. At the end of the course you have to have made a realtime OS and a realtime application that tracks the trains, controls them and does something "cool". Cool is subjective to the prof, if he thinks it's worthy of the effort. Ours was the runaway train. We had one train going at full speed which we pretended we couldn't control. And there is a dead end in the middle, and outside of the track, which we said are drop off points and we had a delivery train which had to safely navigate upon request, from one to the other, obviously without hitting the runaway. We pretty much got it to work... it could work for quite a while, but sometimes our safety zones were a little too tight and we would generate an absolutely spectacular crash, with one train being punted clean off the track.
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