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oh yeah

How could i forget that. Thank you gamite.
But..........There is so much more to all of this, aside from performance. You guy's might think i'm a freak, but there is an air about bmw's. And i do not mean the people that drive them. I mean when i see a Bimmer, and before i owned them i just knew it was a "top of the food chain" car. Or mechanically superior.
And to have that kind of function with the form (the form being the "look", that unmistakable realization that you were just passed at high speeds by a superior german automobile) is truly a pleasure. In fact it is a code that all of us love and live by. Maybe i take it to far, maybe not. But i think we can all agree that the reason why we drive these machines is because we love them. And wouldn't settle for anything else.

.... ok i have said my peace.
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