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I'll offer you some insight from a previous owner of an ///M Roadster

If you're going through the trouble of importing one, why not get an S54 model? If cost is an issue, M roadies can be had for cheap here in particular, Toronto.

If this is a daily driver, I would recommend against buying one. THey're not very practical (2 seats, no trunk, softtop easy to cut open by theives). I wouldn't' even consider driving one in inclement weather either...short wheel base + 240+hp = trouble. Finally, they're not the most stable car to drive fast in. The rear end is very twitchy on the roady, and it literally feels unsafe at speeds higher than 140km/h.

I wanted to get back into a Z series (M Coupe) after I totaled the roadster but because of the subframe issue, I chose not to.

1. The subframe issue has not been sorted out with BMW Canada or NA for that matter. You can always get it reinforced...but why buy a car that has structural issues? Reliability wise, there are electrical issues along with some other minr things as some of the members here mentioned. SRS light (faulty seatbelt), fuel sending unit, shitty glovebox, rattles-galore, cheap interior, rear window creases/top wears out....

Other than that, they're mechanically sound, and not expensive to maintain. If it's out of warranty, I'd recommend maintaining it on your own. Inspection I and II are a complete waste of money. I had it all the way to 125,000kms, and generally had been problem free mechanically.

2. Regular fluid changes (tranny and diff say lifetime oil...but change it), belts, pads, water pump, tires every 2 summers depending on ur driving style

3. See above

If you're from windsor, you should recognize this location:



Originally Posted by manmanSS
I am thinking about getting a 98-99 M roadster imported from the states, and I wanted advice on how these cars are reliability and maintanence wise.

1. Is the rear Sub frame issue been sorted has BMW canada been warrantying these even if the car is out of warranty. If not are there any shops that have a proven record in canada.

2. What does regular maintancence consist of.

3. How reliable are they, say if I buy one with 40-50000 kms on it..can I drive it for the next 5-6 years with good maintancnce and care.


also if anyone has any advice on importing these cars...any help would be great
'98 ///M E36/7

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