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Originally Posted by manmanSS
I am thinking about getting a 98-99 M roadster imported from the states, and I wanted advice on how these cars are reliability and maintanence wise.

1. Is the rear Sub frame issue been sorted has BMW canada been warrantying these even if the car is out of warranty. If not are there any shops that have a proven record in canada.

2. What does regular maintancence consist of.

3. How reliable are they, say if I buy one with 40-50000 kms on it..can I drive it for the next 5-6 years with good maintancnce and care.


also if anyone has any advice on importing these cars...any help would be great

If you want to buy a MINT 2000 //M roadster that has a RARE FERRARI RED colour... PM me... my buddy is selling his car in the spring... before you buy anything.... you HAVE to check this car out!

this car is toooo ooooooo sexy!

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