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Originally Posted by RevShoT
i was bored so i changed my oil today, canadian tire didnt have the filter i needed so i dreaded going to the dealer, amazingly it was 17 bucks!, CT charges me 27.50!!!

thats one the side.. when i went to the dealer i asked for the synthetic oil and he asked why,

the service manager told me that all cars 92 and previous should NOT run synthetic oils, it will cause premature breakdown of the seals!!!

he strongly suggested i use standard oil and he even showed me the oil he uses in the service dept, belive it or not he uses castrol 5w30, yup basic canadian tire $250 a litre oil
if your car is 92 and previous dont waste your money with $8 per Litre on synthetic oils cause it drains the wallet and is bad for the engine!
I don't know if I buy this. Why why would synthetic be bad for seals? Certainly it can clean your engine, and it will make you burn oil if it was very dirty, but actually causing damage? I dunno .... Mines not <92, so it does not affect me, but it's still an interresting post. I'd like more info (and maybe proof)!
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