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> 1. Is the rear Sub frame issue been sorted has BMW canada been warrantying
> these even if the car is out of warranty. If not are there any shops that have
> a proven record in canada.
I haven't had any problems with the sub frame yet.. knock on wood with 90,000km. I believe that some have gotten something from BMWNA there is a site where they list all the status of the problems.. site is currently down

> 2. What does regular maintancence consist of.
~$120 for Oil change
~$160 for break fuild
~$120 switch over tires
~$600-700 for Inspection I
~$1000-1400 for Inspection II

Basically.. its Inspection I and then Oil change and then Inspection II I think it's 25,000 km interval or depends on how you drive. The more agressive you drive the faster the inspections will be.

> 3. How reliable are they, say if I buy one with 40-50000 kms on it..
> can I drive it for the next 5-6 years with good maintancnce and care.

Yeah! just make sure you do the regular maintenance and it's a solid car.

> also if anyone has any advice on importing these cars...any help would be great

Talk to X5HogTown or wait for him to reply. He imported his 01' M Coupe from the states.

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