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Originally Posted by Justin e36
burns your hands? ... you sure you're talking about the same thing? Acetic acid is a moderate irritant to your skin. Similar to vinegar. I can't see it burning your hands, since acetic acid is used as a food preservative.

But I could be wrong.. you're the chem expert. I'm just a hobbyist. (my basement chemistry focuses more on things you would not learn in school)

How well does your solution work?
by no means am i a chem expert, just taking it for prerequisites for med school haha.
but well i guess in the lab we use more concentrated acetic acid... not really burn but ya, irritant. anyways, its not good for the skin lol.

its working well.
its not like most ppl would EXPECT it to magically be sprayed on and it disappear right away.
today in ottawa we had some thick freezing rain. i made another batch of ledd diluted solution and it worked quite well. spray on. wait about 30 seconds to a minute (about the time i need to spray the rest of the windows) come back and squeegee it off.

im gonna try to put it in my windshield washer tank too... hopefully that will work well.

and your solution? do you just spray it on and it magically disappears?
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