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Originally Posted by Conan
So what is this homemade concoction. Please do share and tell.
sure.. but I doubt most on this forum would know what I'm talking about.
It's a home brewed mixture of Calcium Magnesium Acetate, dolomitic lime, and acetic acid this is powdered then boiled in water for around 10-15 mins to disolve the particles, they will remain suspended in the water. I add this to a bottle of winter windshield washer fluid (though even if it just stays in water, it still won't freeze into ice until around -40 degrees celcius). Works awesome and 1000x better than "liquid heat" deicers and such from Canadian Tire.

This is completely environmentally friendly and will not harm your cars paint as a brine salt + water concoction would, or glycol, or urea based liquid deicers would.

Only takes a few mins to make... and makes winter a hell of a lot easier to live with. A quick spray on my wipers if they're frozen to the glass. On my windows... even my driveway if it's iced over.
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