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Originally Posted by Deed
OK, I know I am doing it all bass-ackwards. Here is how it happened!:

1. Sticker came due, so I needed an e-test.
2. Car was running a bit rough, so I figured a tune-up would improve my chances.
3. Got tune-up, replaced O2 sensor as it was gummed up with carbon, got new plugs, etc.
4. Thought I'd take a chance with a dodgy cc, but it should have been replaced.

Now I'm trying not to spend any more $$ than I have to! In fairness, the guy who tuned it up is working from his driveway right now so doesn't have a ton of resources at his disposal.
Charlie is one of the best BMW mechanics in this area, so i would trust whatever he does...
You can get an E-test done under the table for $150-200, but you might spend less on just replacing the cat. Dont bring the car just anywhere, i know a very good place for E-tests, it very close to Charlie's, and my shop...Dixie & 401...
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