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Ok here is the info I have so far.

I have managed to find a retailer who is interested in giving a single
purchase discount. Most retailers were not interested. I am trying to work
out the best deal possible but it looks like we will need a minimum of 10 units.
Obviously the more we buy the less the price.

If any of the members who have posted here know more people who are interested in this could you please get them to log onto this thread. I will
post this in different sections of the website later when I have more details.
(with the MODERATORS approval of course)

As it stands right now here is the purchase list that I can see.

INTENSE : 2 tools
R_JAY : 1 tool
ChahalzBMR : 1 tool maybe more ?
1BADRIDE : 1 tool or more depending on compatibility.

That makes 5 tools. We need a minimum of 5 more.

As for compatibility issues please check PEAKE's website.
Please do not email PEAKE about group buys as they do not offer

I am sure you guys want prices, and I am working on it.
I will post more in the next few days when I have more details.

Thanks for your interest.
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