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7's!!! DAAAMN.

Dude, driver DOES matter - even moreso when the fronts are off the ground. It's about clutch control and power application. I've seen fools try to steer with the wheels in the air. In this case, it is improper power application. Some fool decided it's all about "pedal to the metal and pop the clutch".

In the vid, you can see that the right rear seems to collapse when the car starts going out of control. In a stang (at least), you need to inflate the right rear tire a tiny bit more than the left side to compensate for loading.

In any car over 700whp, it's all about GETTING THE POWER DOWN smoothly and evenly. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DRIVER AT THOSE POWER LEVELS.

I would MUCH rather drop my car and risk thousands in damage rather than kiss the wall and lose everything, possibly even my life.
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