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Originally Posted by GEEE$
E34 is the sexiest, 4-door ever produced from any company. In 30 years, it will still scream class.

The E28 is just behind it, while the E39 sits an easy 3rd, and the E60 is dead last.

The E39 & E60 may have tonnes more ooomph, but anyone who has driven all 4 will probably say the E28 or E34 is by far a superior 'driver's car'. You just cannot get the same feel from the newer, more refined examples from the last generation of models...

It's like the E30 M3/E36 M3/E46 M3's clear which one is the classic driver's car. E30 M3 all the way. It's a favorite amongst all, or should be for people who have actually driven them.


I like your logic. The E39 M5 is definitely atleast the 2nd sexiest sedan.
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