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E39 Steering wheel upgrade

I own a 2000 540i6 sport (built 8/99) - love the car, great handling and acceleration.
BUT the steering wheel leaves alot to be desired - although it's heated (a bonus for cold climates) and equiped with electronic controls, it is huge and skinny - compromissing the feel of the car. So I am looking to replace it and was looking for some advise.

I have three options so far.
Option 1: M-Technic 385mm steering wheel and new air bag. This one fits according to the BMW alternative parts CD - but no heat.
Part# is 32342228891

Option 2: M-Technic 379mm wheel & new airbag. Wheel is a bit thicker than the one above, apparently nicer stiching - hence preferable. Part# is 32342229103
However it shows as available for cars built on/after 09/99.
Any thoughts if this fits my 8/99?

Option 3: probably a long-shot - but I noticed the '04 X5 4-spoke steering wheel is smaller, thicker and heated - and the electronic functions are identical to mine. Can this wheel fit?
Part# is 32346751178 or 32346751179 - not sure of the difference.

thanks in advance for any information the forum may be able to provide.
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