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Hmmm, makes me wonder what's wrong with it...

I'd have to wonder what's wrong with it.

$14,000 as is, or $18,900 certified? Nearly $5,000 in expected repairs by the dealer?

I'd be staying away from that car, unless the only reason you were buying one was to drop $20,000 into it, and acid dip the bugger, and start replacing body panels. Then tearing down the powertrain and rebuilding from the ground up.

If you were out to build a dedicated, custom track car, the $14,000 isn't a *bad* deal. A couple of cars out there can be had for $12,000 - 14,000, even though the owner is asking $19,000 or $20,000.

Unless the car is absolutely mint, it's rare to find one worth upwards of $20,000. I haven't seen Rob's recently, so I can't comment on his. Kev's is in pretty good shape, so high teens low 20's is probaby a fair range for it (assuming no rust).

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