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Well said Mystikal.

It seems there is some confusion between an SUV and an off-roading truck. Yes, you CAN get a family sedan and have it doing donuts, burnouts, and drifting---if you give it the proper modifications first. Likewise, you CAN take a SUV offroading---if you give it the proper modifications first. Off the lot?... those were all definately grocery getters.

The basic mods for a grocery getter to get onto the trails? 1) a lift... 2) proper tires. Both points proven by the underbody and fender, and license plate damages some vehicles suffered; and by the vehicles that lost traction and got stuck.

The two fundamental mods to make a SUV off-road worthy?

1) suspension
2) tires

You need a lift. (how many vehicles now have dented body panels or lost body parts?)
And you need proper tires. (how many vehicles have lost traction and got stuck?)

Case and point. Are you going to take your car to the race track without fixing up the suspension and getting some high performance rubber first? Likewise, don't take your SUV off-roading until you've done the proper prep work.

In the end, I say I'm glad everyone had fun and no one is too upset at the damages their vehicles suffered. Still makes for some good pictures and stories.
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