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Got pulled over for Euro plate today

My friend and I were coming back from Square One and taking the Hurontario ramp north when we see a cop just standing on the left side of the turn. I was like, "WTF?! Is that a cop? And what is he doing just standing there?" to my friend. 2 seconds later I find out as I drove by him and he yells to me to pull over. I pull over like in between and bunch of other cars who were getting tickets and was wondering what I did wrong. Initially, I thought I was going to get a ticket for doing 60km/h on the ramp when it was posted 40km/h. But then the cop comes over and says I pulled you over because of your 2 license plates. He then asks me where I got the Euro plate, where then I answered..."Europe". Then the cop says that the 2 plates (the Euro plate and the Ontario plate right underneath it) causes confusion and it is a $110 ticket and legally he would have to seize my plate and that the ticket would be considered a moving violation and I may be in shit with my insurance company. I told him it's not a "real" plate and I can remove it. The cop asks me if I had the tools to do it and I said yes where then I proceed to go the front and pop off the plate since it was in the snap on bracket (thanks PWRSURGE!). The cop then says that they (the cops in general) are getting real strict on this "stuff" (dunno what he meant) and it was in my best interest not to put back on the plate. The cop then gave me back my papers and then I left. What confuses is that, was the cop right in saying my Euro plate (which says the same thing as my Ontario plate "MAD MODS") confuses the issue and I was suppose to get a ticket?? Or was it during the whole encounter, the cop realized that it'll be hard to prove that my Euro plate with my Ontario plate right underneath it, saying the same thing could be proven in court that it confuses things, and thats why he didn't give me a ticket? Any thoughts?

BTW. I was pretty non chalon about the pull over and didn't act like a jerk or like a chickensh|t so I don't think his decison was based on my behavior.
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